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How does a surprise trip work?

Do you ever have the desire, after busy weeks, full of work or exams, to just go away? Take a trip to an unknown place, wander around a new city, taste new flavours and have unforgettable experiences?

How nice it would be to leave without having to think about anything, to receive in your mailbox the gift of a trip already planned, with everything organised and simply… leave.

This is the idea behind Toratora, the first Italian startup in the surprise travel industry in Europe to offer an experience that breaks away from the usual tourist routes and takes modern flâneurs to discover the most hidden corners or the most popular areas with locals. 

But how does a Toratora surprise trip work?

Toratora is an online platform that organises surprise trips across Europe. The new way of travelling proposed by Toratora revolutionizes the usual idea of holidays, offering a unique, alternative and accessible trip and a surprising experience.

On the platform you can choose the type of trip that best suits your tastes.

What all our types of travel have in common is the… surprise! The destination will be revealed via email a week before departure.

And now let’s come to the differences:

  • “Surprise Travel” is the classical one: you can choose the dates of your trip, the city of departure and the budget. We will find the flight, the hotel and a guide of the city for you!
  • The “Toratora Summer” gives you the possibility to enjoy your well-deserved summer in a city or seaside resort in Europe for a longer time: you can select up to 15 days of holiday.
  • The “Tailor-made trip” is a surprise trip “customized for you”. We kindly ask you to answer a quick test that will help us better understand what kind of traveller are you and we’ll organize a perfect trip just for you. The price already includes a special activity (a surprise, of course!) for your destination.
  • With “Toratora Jukebox” you can choose the destinations you prefer for your surprise trip by selecting them from the list. From the fourth destination onwards the price will start to drop, up to 199€. Your final destination will be one of those you have chosen.

Upon completion of your booking you will receive a confirmation email. One week before departure you will receive an email with your flight ticket, hotel receipt and personalised city guide.

What do you think of this new frontier of travel? Well, you just have to go and find out!

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