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Discovering Frankfurt: when business meets culture

«Appearances can be deceptive»… What a better way to describe Frankfurt than with this quote: the capital of European finance and economy which, despite its rigorous style, has many other strengths, making it one of Europe’s most interesting cities. When you think of Frankfurt, what is the first thing that comes to mind? 

Most of you will probably immediately think of its image as an economic superpower, the headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) and a city that enjoys international reputation thanks to its excellence in various areas of the service sector… Isn’t that so? Well, all of this is true, but this beautiful city also boasts a cultural offer that is no less than its economic one! 

Discovering Frankfurt: the young and dynamic city behind the “Business City”

Frankfurt am Main is not just about “numbers and business”. It is in fact a very well organised city, on a human scale, which you can visit even on foot, to grasp every single nuance, rich in extraordinary views, made even more suggestive by a constant play of contrasts between old and new, which you will discover when you first come across the typical half-timbered houses from the end of the 18th century and then the very modern skyscrapers.

One of the most interesting aspects of Frankfurt is that this German metropolis is perfect to visit in any season of the year, whether you choose to travel alone or in the company of friends or your better half, with a wide choice of accommodation types: from the cheapest hostels to the most luxurious and comfortable hotels. In short, the right solution for any budget! 

The expansion of the city’s tourist offerings is because the city has grown with an eye to the future and to Europe. Frankfurt is in fact today a young, lively, modern city, where the undisputed protagonist is culture at 360°, capable of satisfying the tastes and needs of any visitor. 

With its wide cultural panorama, it’s practically impossible to get bored and even the most demanding travellers will be able to explore a multicultural, contemporary and… decidedly smart area! Yes, that’s right, because by purchasing the Frankfurt Card you will be able to get around Frankfurt without spending a fortune! In fact, you can use all the public transport of the city, also benefiting from reduced prices for the entrance to many museums… So … it never hurts to combine business with pleasure, doesn’t it?! 

The artistic spirit of Frankfurt: Goethe House, the Museum of Modern Art and the Städel Museum

Germany’s fifth most populous city has a large selection of museums. At the top of the list of the most beautiful ones to visit in Frankfurt is the Goethe-Haus (Goethe House). Did you know that this is the birthplace of one of the world’s greatest literary figures: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? What better way to learn more about the writer’s life and the customs and traditions of 18th century Frankfurt?

Also noteworthy is the Museumfür Moderne Kunst (Museum of Modern Art), one of the city’s most significant exhibition areas, housing over 5,000 works dating from the 1960s to the present day, which the people of Frankfurt have nicknamed Tortenstück (slice of cake) because of its somewhat unusual shape.

Curious, isn’t it?

Finally, if modern and contemporary art is your real passion, the Städel Museum is a must-see! With over three thousand paintings, 600 sculptures and almost as many photographs, it provides a remarkable 700-year historical overview of European art. 

Frankfurt’s cultural profile: from Europe’s largest book fair to publishing

For those of you who love reading and find in writing the highest artistic expression, do not worry, Frankfurt satisfies this interest too with a really unmissable event! In this case, we advise you to leave in mid-October… The reason? Does Frankfurter  Buchmesse(the Book Fair) mean anything to you? Yes, the city is also home to numerous fairs, including Europe’s most prestigious book fair! 

What’s more, those who like to keep up to date with international news will not be disappointed either. Yes, because Frankfurt also excels in the field of publishing, especially thanks to the well-known daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Frankfurt’s fun side: music and festivals

And for music lovers? The city’s musical life will not disappoint you either! For example, those who love jazz and blues will certainly appreciate the Orange Peel.

But Frankfurt, besides being full of clubs, discos and pubs where you can dance, sing and listen to live music, also offers a rich Festival offer, where you can be sure of having fun! 

If in the colder months of the year it is the Book Fair and the Christmas Fair that attract thousands of people, with the arrival of summer, spirits also “warm up”… If you love to have fun, you certainly cannot miss the Main Festival, the famous folk festival that with live music, rides, games and much more, will make you unleash an incredible show… Well, it must be said: no more shyness! 

And if you have energy to spare and can’t keep your curiosity in check when we talk about culture, the Museumsufer Fest is for you! Europe’s largest cultural festival, celebrated every year on the banks of the river Main, is a perfect combination of art, music, theatre and dance… Try it to believe it!

How about you? Aren’t you curious to discover the other side of the multifaceted Frankfurt am Main? 

We believe that we have given you a good reason to do so, and to experience an unforgettable trip to a cosmopolitan metropolis in the name of culture, art and fun. With its avant-garde and inclusive spirit, Frankfurt will welcome you with open arms, enriching your thirst for knowledge with a youthful mood that reflects an image that finally shakes off the stereotype of a cold “business city”!

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