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Discover Madrid as a local through typical cuisine

Have you ever realised how much you can learn about a country through food? What, when and even who you eat with. There are so many subtleties that define a culture! Well, to capture the true soul of Madrid, the castiza of Madrid, our advice is to start with a gastronomic adventure! So, today, let’s take a culinary journey to get to know Madrid… as a local.

Here are our recommendations for a tasteful journey through the truest and least touristy Madrid.

Bocadillo de Calamares in Plaza Mayor

The fried squid sandwich! We recommend you go to the Cervecería La Campana, one of the city’s great classics. Try it with a beer – ¡una caña, por favor! – and maybe some large green olives on the side. From here, just turn the corner and you’ll find yourself in the beautiful Plaza Mayor (main square), which was built during the reign of Philip III (1580-1619) as the city’s central square.

Tortilla in the La Latina district

Actually, ‘tortilla’ is not enough to describe it. “Tortilla de patatas con cebola caramelizada” would be the right way to call it. A Spanish egg tortilla with potatoes and caramelised onion. We suggest you go to Juana La Loca, in the Latina district. Divine!!! And once there, enjoy the real movida of a Sunday afternoon in the streets. Starting at noon!

Vermouth de grifo with Spanish olives at Mercado San Miguel

Some places are included in every guidebook because they must be seen. One of them is the Mercado San Miguel, probably the most famous of all the markets in Madrid. It’s a busy, vibrant place and you should definitely try more than one type of olive with a great vermouth, all made in Spain, among the Spanish treats you can’t miss!

Patatas Bravas everywhere in the city!

Literally everywhere! It’s a dish of diced potatoes, served with a hot, spicy tomato sauce. It’s perfect with a beer before lunch or… right at lunchtime. As you probably know, it is the habit of Spaniards to have lunch later than most Europeans. Fancy a two-course meal at 4pm? Madrid is the right place to be.

Enjoy your stay in Madrid and let us know what your favourite dish is! Don’t forget to use the hashtag – toratoratravel – to show us the best photos you’ve taken and to be featured on our website.

Make us dream with the colourful and tasty dishes of Spanish cuisine!

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