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Christmas 2020: give the hope of returning travelling soon

2020 has been, and continues to be, a special year for everyone. From March until today we have lived through hard months, characterised sometimes by discouragement and dejection due to the lack of moments of sharing, fun and entertainment.

Our lives have been rather static, concentrated within homes, cities or regions. Our movements have been conditioned by the right restrictions imposed by those who seek to safeguard our health. And in our daily conversations, how many times have we said to ourselves “remember when we could all be together without problems”, “remember when we could travel without worries”?

We put travel on hold, not of our own volition, but the desire to travel again has never faded.

Christmas gift ideas? Put a trip under the tree!

So, as Christmas is approaching, what better time to lift our spirits and give or receive a smile of hope? A smile like the one you might get when you find a travel voucher under the tree, for example…

This type of gift, in fact, in this particular period, has not only a material or economic value: it can give a smile and an emotion to whoever receives it.

But how does the Toratora voucher work?

The voucher of Toratora is the promo code that allows you to buy for yourself or give to whom you want one of our surprise trips. In this gift pack then, Toratora add a very important thing: flexibility.

You can decide whether to use it immediately or when it suits you best because it is valid for two years! Great gift idea, isn’t it? As the time to travel is not the best, the possibility of using it later will make you happy twice over. Both when you find (or give) the travel voucher under the tree and when you use it to book your holiday.

Travel vouchers: the gift idea for every budget

The voucher is also a great gift idea for all budgets: our codes come in various denominations, from €25 to €250. The recipient of the gift will then receive an email containing the voucher code to be entered during the booking process. When you buy one of Toratora’s surprise travel gift voucher, during the final stage of the booking, precisely in the “data” field, simply enter the code of the voucher purchased and the discount will be applied to the total price of the trip.

Discounts, discounts and more discounts: take advantage of Black Friday

And if you’re one of those who prefer to get ahead with Christmas presents, then you’ve come to the right place! Because this month you can take advantage of a 25% discount on your voucher purchase. With Black Friday (and until Cyber Monday) and the somewhat difficult time for all of us… we are even closer to you and really want to enable as many people as possible to give or treat themselves to a future trip.

So, what are you waiting for? The perfect gift is just a click away and it only takes a few minutes to give the gift of happiness.

Courage then! Making this a special Christmas is still possible.

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